STENDHAL ECLAT ESSENTIEL la gelee exfoliante 75 ml

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ÉCLAT ESSENTIEL la gelée exfoliante 75 ml

Exfoliating gel

Gentle facial exfoliating gel for all skin types.

Cleaning the face is the first step in any treatment, since it is essential to remove impurities and start with clean skin to guarantee the best results.

Its soft gel formula is respectful with the skin, but thanks to its exfoliating particles it effectively removes impurities and rebalances fat levels, so it can be used weekly as a complement to cleaning. In addition, it contains white pearl extract that favors the luminosity of the face.

The result is completely clean skin, free of impurities, smooth and much brighter.

More Information
EAN: 3355996042518
Gender: Women, Unisex
Age: 18 - 25 years old, 26 - 35 years old, 36 - 50 years old, More then 50 years old
Product for: Face Cleanser
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Textures: Gel
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STENDHAL ECLAT ESSENTIEL la gelee exfoliante 75 ml